Thursday, 29 August 2013

3D net

This is my 3D net. It has 6 surfaces and 8 corners. It has 9 tabs of total. My shape is a rectangular prism.
When it was a net it was a bit like a Colgate toothpaste net. Lots of nets are rectangular, but it can be any shape and size.

Algebra Maths

In maths we are learning about algebra.So one of the tasks were to write, something plus something but it keeps on having to repeat. Here is a example. 10+20=30+10=40+10=50. You keep on repeating it. We kept on doing it till the chalk all ran out. This project was fun because you could spend time in the sun and write with chalk.Also it was learning maths. Here is a photo that I took for my algebra learning.

Aboriginal Art

In room 14 we did Aboriginal Art. We did it because it was part of our calendar art. It took most of us nearly a week. We first had to do a background. Then we had a different sheet of paper. We started to draw what we could add on top of the background. Me and room 14 used and mixed a lot of paint .Here is my awesome picture of my Aboriginal art.