Wednesday, 18 November 2015


A few days ago we started working on this quick write. We had to watch this video which was called powerless. It was about a fairy that was stuck under the log and the other fairy had to save her. Here is my version of the story.

I had to find a plan. I needed to help my friend under this log- heavy stumpy and rough. I thought and thought while trying to lift the log. It hardly moved. I felt like I knew something, helpful and important, for this situation. Just then I knew. Fairy land was talking about it. It was the new robot. I could be the robot.

Without telling my friend I shot through the woods into the inventor's house. It was old, rickety and unstable looking. I didn't care though so I shot through the window. The inventor was sleeping. He snored like a growling bear. I tried to ignore it. I fluttered around the funnel looking entrance.

The robot had a funny looking body but that didn’t stop me from going inside the robot. I lifted the squeaky funnel looking tunnel. Then “SQUEAK… SLAM” Oh no the inventor woke up I tried to run away as the robot as fast as I could but the fastest I could go was a slow walking speed. I walked around trying to get the hang of it.

Just out of nowhere I found a lantern. I took it of course because it was very dark. I walked to my friend. I knew the inventor was following me, but I just kept walking. After walking for a few minutes I saw my friend- weak helpless but still determined to get out. I was green and she was red. So she noticed me because the robot had green eyes. I pulled the log as hard as my body could possibly pull. After a while I realised the inventor was pulling to. My friend was free.  

I escaped the robot body and flyed away with my friend. While I was flying away I saw the inventor devastated that the robot didn't actually work. So me and my friend put some magic on the robot to make it work. We watched the robot go back to the cabin. I couldn't wait to tell my other fairy friends.

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