Friday, 20 September 2013

Book review.

Simple Book review outline

Introductory paragraph

  1. Book title and author: Wild life ,Alicia ponder Peter friend
  2. Main idea of story: Three monkey and a zebra wants to go to a different place because there are too many mosquitose in that place
  3. Main characters in the book: Violet, Bumpkin, Nutkin, Eddie, Hyacinth, Brian
  4. something unique and interesting about the story/book for readers to know: The monkeys and zebra put on a fake horn.

Body paragraph 1-plot

  1. Main idea of the story/book: Violet, Bumpkin, Nutkin, Brian wants to go to a different place because there are too many mosquitoes
  2. Where does the story take place: A wild jungle
  3. When does the story take place: In our days
  4. Something unique about the time/place in which the story takes place and how it affects the characters: It’s summertime and mosquitoes bites the monkeys and zebras and humans

Body paragraph 2-characters

  1. Main characters in this story/book:  Violet,  bumpkin, Nutkin, Eddie, Hyacinth, Brian
  2. Does something important or meaningful to the story happen to a between characters? Describe it in one sentence: When the three monkeys and a zebra said they had horns

Body paragraph 3-review

  1. Favourite part of the story/book and why: When the animals all took their horns off and say its fake.
  2. What do you think about the way it was written? Good and thoughtful
  3. Do you think other kids would enjoy reading this book and why? Yes because its funny and also it is weird

Conclusion paragraph

  1. Was the story/book entertaining, educational, amusing, stc., and why? The story was a bit weird because the animals could talk
  2. Why did you enjoy/not enjoy reading this story/book? I enjoyed this book because there are lots of funny characters
  3. Would you recommend other kids to read this book? Yes of course

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  1. Great effort Jiwon, I like how you have added a lot of information about your book. Dont forget to add capital letters to piople's names, first and last names.