Friday, 7 November 2014

My Sugar Skull

My sugar skull

A few weeks ago I have been trying to complete my artwork called a sugar skull artwork. It is a Mexican tradition to celebrate dead people that where special to you. It is a very bright and colourful artwork piece. Here is what my sugar skull.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Personal Experience Planning and Brainstorming
IALT: plan my ideas for my writing so that I can put the best thoughts into my writing.

First Sentence-the hook: does this make the reader want to read on?
  • The moment I went in the skinny long tower it was very surprised .
  • I was very surprised when I saw a huge tower in front of me.
  • I wonder how a person could build this huge build building

Time words you could use to order your events:
  • Awesome
  • Huge
  • Scary
  • So up in the air

Verbs you could use to describe action:
  • Very fast
  • So crazy
  • So scary looking over the city

Adjectives I could use to add description to my writing:
  • Very high up in the sky
  • Lots of awesome views
  • Scary looking down the window floors

Personal Voice: What thoughts that you’ve had ‘inner thinking’ are you going to record:
  • Omg I’m standing on a glass floor I feel like I’m going to fall!
  • This is so awesome I can see lots of views
  • I think I can rule the world

What similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration are you going to use in your writing?
  • I was so high in the air “like” a bird in the sky
  • It was so tall that it looked “like” big ben

Multiple Intelligences (Grenade)

Mining For Ya Minecraft Parody
    (Grenade Bruno Mars) By Jiwon & Lissie

Open the door, outside my house, just heading to the mine, to mine some stuff. Getting iron getting some gold, but that's not want we want, ohh we want diamond we want coal. Mining near bedrock, I can hear lava nearly burning through the floor. Blocking the source with lots of cobblestone, trying to stop the flow. I’m mining for yah. Risking my life for yah. I’m really trying for yah. But you want do the same. I’ve been mining day and night, to try and find you emerald. Mine, mine, mine that's all I ever do. I want to go outside this mine to see the sunshine. Just heading up the stairs to see the light. I haven’t seen you in so many different years. I don’t think anyone would care. I want you to appreciate the things that I do just for you. I'm mining for ya risking my life for ya. I'm really trying for ya. I've been really mining all day and night when, I just saw your face. I was crying in happiness.

Friday, 23 May 2014



A few days ago we did football. It was really fun because it was using 4 balls. I really liked kicking the ball. It was also a good weather so I was very sweaty. I enjoyed the game even thought we lost by 1 point. I really wish we played the game again with our teacher.