Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick Write

The Belly Flop

A few days ago we started doing our quick write. Our quick write had to include detailed words, short sharp sentences and complex sentences. We had to made a story by looking at a picture. This is the picture that I was talking about. Here is my story hope you like it.
I was dared to jump off this wharf. Why did I agree to actually do this dare? I hesitated. The squeaky unstable wooden floor didn't help. My heart was racing faster than any car. My body was shaking almost vibrating like an engine. I was terrified. I wished good luck to myself hoping I wouldn't regret this.
Here goes nothing I thought. I pushed off the wharf almost like a frog. The dive was flat. I knew I was going to do a belly flop so I spread my legs and arms so I didn't look awkward. I felt like I was flying for a split second.The gravity pushed me down.
The splash was so big it looked like a tiny geyser. I fell. SLAP. The fresh water was very refreshing. The cold water was floating under my pants. As I was out of breath, I swam up. I had a sore stomach but it was all so worth it.

By Jiwon Lee

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Foul Shot

Foul Shot

For our writing we have been writing about foul shot. We had to make it a limited amount of writing and had to do only 2 stanzas. You had to write about something that was at least 10 seconds long. Like shooting a ball over a net, scoring a goal or like landing something.
The ball comes closer and closer to me

Crouching with the racket on my hand
Leaning side to side
On the base line,
Tightening my grip,
Breathing heavily,
Trying to play it cool,
Glaring at the ball,
Running up to the ball
Wishing it would go over the net

It was a weak shot,
                                   and then
                                                     and then
                                                                        and then
Just as I thought it wasn't going to go over the net,
YES ITS IN                            

Monday, 11 May 2015

To The Unknown Solider

For ANZAC day I have wrote a letter to the soldier that never came back home. I am telling the soldiers how them risking there life to war helped us.

Dear Soldier That Never Can Back Home
As I'm writing this letter to you, I am sitting in my cosy classroom. We are safe, warm, and happy. Sadly you were quite the opposite. I want you to know that you are not forgotten.

How did you feel when you went to war? My class heard that a lot of you thought it was going to be a big mysterious adventure. How did you feel when you realised you were actually going to Egypt not France or England? You must have been miserable in the hot dry desert at Egypt.

How did you feel when you first put your uniform on? Was it a thrilling experience? We found out that some soldiers would tear off some parts of their uniform, because it was way too hot. Did you do that too? I can not imagine holding around a heavy bag that is nearly 30kgs.

What did you feel when you were given your food? Was some of the food disgusting? Have you ever run out of food and had to eat rats, mice and other rodents? Did you feel sick? I found out that ginger-nut  cookies were more often eaten in the war than ANZAC biscuits. Did you suffer, and was hungry very often?

Thank you for fighting in the war. I will always remember
Sincerely Jiwon