Friday, 17 October 2014

Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Personal Experience Planning and Brainstorming
IALT: plan my ideas for my writing so that I can put the best thoughts into my writing.

First Sentence-the hook: does this make the reader want to read on?
  • The moment I went in the skinny long tower it was very surprised .
  • I was very surprised when I saw a huge tower in front of me.
  • I wonder how a person could build this huge build building

Time words you could use to order your events:
  • Awesome
  • Huge
  • Scary
  • So up in the air

Verbs you could use to describe action:
  • Very fast
  • So crazy
  • So scary looking over the city

Adjectives I could use to add description to my writing:
  • Very high up in the sky
  • Lots of awesome views
  • Scary looking down the window floors

Personal Voice: What thoughts that you’ve had ‘inner thinking’ are you going to record:
  • Omg I’m standing on a glass floor I feel like I’m going to fall!
  • This is so awesome I can see lots of views
  • I think I can rule the world

What similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration are you going to use in your writing?
  • I was so high in the air “like” a bird in the sky
  • It was so tall that it looked “like” big ben

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