Friday, 17 October 2014

Multiple Intelligences (Grenade)

Mining For Ya Minecraft Parody
    (Grenade Bruno Mars) By Jiwon & Lissie

Open the door, outside my house, just heading to the mine, to mine some stuff. Getting iron getting some gold, but that's not want we want, ohh we want diamond we want coal. Mining near bedrock, I can hear lava nearly burning through the floor. Blocking the source with lots of cobblestone, trying to stop the flow. I’m mining for yah. Risking my life for yah. I’m really trying for yah. But you want do the same. I’ve been mining day and night, to try and find you emerald. Mine, mine, mine that's all I ever do. I want to go outside this mine to see the sunshine. Just heading up the stairs to see the light. I haven’t seen you in so many different years. I don’t think anyone would care. I want you to appreciate the things that I do just for you. I'm mining for ya risking my life for ya. I'm really trying for ya. I've been really mining all day and night when, I just saw your face. I was crying in happiness.

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