Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Our Food Inquiry

Our Food Inquiry
Crushed Delights
Milk Chocolate With Crushed Candy Canes On Top
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Here Is Me & Amber Presenting Our Chocolates
So for this terms inquiry we had to work and create a product. The first week we had to create an idea of what we wanted to make. We decided on making Crushed Delights because Amber (the partner I am working with) got a chocolate mould and making kit for her birthday. So she invited me to work with her. Me and Amber had to decided what flavour we wanted to make it. From lots of thinking, I thought of putting candy canes in it. Me and Amber agreed on it and so we decided to use candy canes in it too.
So in that week we made the chocolates and severed them to a few people. 


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