Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Foul Shot

Foul Shot

For our writing we have been writing about foul shot. We had to make it a limited amount of writing and had to do only 2 stanzas. You had to write about something that was at least 10 seconds long. Like shooting a ball over a net, scoring a goal or like landing something.
The ball comes closer and closer to me

Crouching with the racket on my hand
Leaning side to side
On the base line,
Tightening my grip,
Breathing heavily,
Trying to play it cool,
Glaring at the ball,
Running up to the ball
Wishing it would go over the net

It was a weak shot,
                                   and then
                                                     and then
                                                                        and then
Just as I thought it wasn't going to go over the net,
YES ITS IN                            

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