Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick Write

The Belly Flop

A few days ago we started doing our quick write. Our quick write had to include detailed words, short sharp sentences and complex sentences. We had to made a story by looking at a picture. This is the picture that I was talking about. Here is my story hope you like it.
I was dared to jump off this wharf. Why did I agree to actually do this dare? I hesitated. The squeaky unstable wooden floor didn't help. My heart was racing faster than any car. My body was shaking almost vibrating like an engine. I was terrified. I wished good luck to myself hoping I wouldn't regret this.
Here goes nothing I thought. I pushed off the wharf almost like a frog. The dive was flat. I knew I was going to do a belly flop so I spread my legs and arms so I didn't look awkward. I felt like I was flying for a split second.The gravity pushed me down.
The splash was so big it looked like a tiny geyser. I fell. SLAP. The fresh water was very refreshing. The cold water was floating under my pants. As I was out of breath, I swam up. I had a sore stomach but it was all so worth it.

By Jiwon Lee

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